Micki Dahl #28

26 years old and one of Denmarks best and most used trainers.

Micki has been training young riders since he was only18 years old.

Micki is also one of the ten best MX1 riders in Denmark, and has been for nearly 8 years now.

Micki speaks perfect Danish, english and Swedish.

When it comes to perfect technique, and to put the last peacec together, to be a champion, Micki knows just how to do it.

He has lived with that pressure for almost all his life, and knows exactly how to deal with it.

You can also use Micki as your personal trainer, that is just one email away.

ScandinaviaMX is a motocross team and training academy, with roots in Denmark and Sweden. The team runs a motocross akademy, with schools in Denmark, Sweden, Florida, Thailand and Italy.

Danny Dahl #24

31 years old and a educated coach from the Danish motor federation (DMU)

Danny has lived for nearly10 years in Sweden and speaks perfect Danish, English and Swedish.

Danny is one of Swedens most used trainers.

Especially the young riders love to be taught by Danny.

Danny has spent many years learning how to be the perfect coach, and has had special focus on young riders, but also older riders who started late in the sport.

You can also use Danny as your personal trainer, that is just one email away.


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